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Our chiropractors in Honolulu, HI will help you feel better

Anyone who has experienced pain, whether it be in the head, neck, back or all over, knows how difficult daily life and simple tasks can be. There is no need to suffer through it hoping it goes away. Let our chiropractors in Honolulu help you improve your life and well-being.

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We are a chiropractic practice that offers a full range of services to suit your particular needs.

From geriatric to pediatric chiropractic services we have the know how, techniques and tools to help you.

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Other services

Massage, weight loss plans and laser therapy can all be effective tools in the treatment of various injuries and ailments.

If necessary, our office will work with your insurance company to file a workers' compensation or automobile insurance claim.
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Medical Massage

This service is offered by Independent Contract services to offer a wide range of massage therapy that relieves pain in all of their patients.
We believe the best treatment always starts with a thorough consultation.

Our practice focuses on treating the root cause rather than just on the symptom. If you are in pain, it could be from various causes related to nerves, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tissues. We'll get to the point of origin rather than just relief of the initial pain or discomfort.

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Who we are

Our chiropractors are highly qualified and experienced. We stay up-to-date with developments and new techniques in chiropractic care to ensure we continue to provide superior treatment. We understand that no two people are the same...we all have different needs, different lifestyles and different bodies. At Oda Ohana Chiropractic & Therapeutic Massage LLC we always take this into account and diagnose each patient carefully on a case-by-case assessment. Ask to speak with a chiropractor today.
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